It’s Feedback Friday!

Feedback Friday is our way of sharing a fragrance or flavor you might not have tried before by offering a free sample that you can add to your next order. It’s also a way for you to share your opinions if you’ve already tried it (or come back and share once you’ve received a sample). If you’re nervous about sharing a comment (or don’t know how to go about it) please check out our description of how to add your own comment.

Our first week we featured Lemon Blueberry, and the second Feedback Friday was Lilac. A few samples of each of these are still available, along with this week’s fragrance.

Got Green? Green Clover and Aloe, that is. With St. Patrick’s Day a few short weeks away, we decided that our greenest fragrance was the perfect one to share! It will still be months before I can enjoy the smell of green, growing things in my own yard, but Green Clover and Aloe is a fragrant reminder. This green fragrance has a hint of aloe and is so fresh it’s bound to tide you over until greener days.

Need an even bigger boost of green? I thought you might! This week’s free sample is a Travel Pack containing Green Clover and Aloe lotion and a tube of our Blarney Balm! Picture this: you smooth on our most popular March Lip Balm Flavor of the Month, Irish Cream. You smack your lips and when you open your mouth to talk, suddenly you’re the most charming person in the room. You have the “gift of gab!” Sound like Blarney? That’s why we call it Blarney Balm!

Now, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be sweet talking, but the shea butter and soothing oils in our Blarney Balm will leave your lips smooth enough to say, “Kiss me! I’m Irish!”

Green Clover and Aloe is available in:
hand creams
bath gel (with emerald jojobas for gentle exfoliation)
sugar scrub (also with emerald jojobas)
purse potion (roll-on perfume with glitter)
shower smoothers gift set
other gift sets

Let us know what you think!