Remember that Adam Ant song from the 80s: “Don’t drink, don’t smoke—what do you do?” Gotta have a vice, and in my case, it’s shoes. Ironically, the title of that song is “Goody Two Shoes,” but why stop at two? How about 6 or 8? (Or 10 or 20??) I think that might be possible at

I heard about this place from my Twitter friends last Saturday and had to check it out. The layout is a dream…narrow your search by gender, category, style, size, width, color, brand, price…whew! The drooling will commence when you see your faves (Kate Spade, anyone?) 45%, 50%, 55% off… Deep breaths.

Focus…on this visit I limited myself to sandals. I asked my Tweeps for their opinion: Is it possible to have too many pairs of sandals? A resounding “NO!” from the peanut gallery. Happily, I agree. But still, showing unbelievable restraint, I only ordered a single pair. This time. Three days later, here they are. The best part: these $44 sandals were 70% off. Mere pennies over $20 to acquire, INCLUDING SHIPPING. Who’s a smart shopper?

I highly recommend for the shoe obsessed. I have a reunion next month, and a wedding this fall, and surely there are many more occasions that require new footwear. Next time, I will not be Lil’ Miss Goody Two Shoes shopper.