Sometimes I think my parents helped me to develop self-confidence just so my kids could test it. Apart from my patience, there’s nothing they’ve checked and tried as thoroughly.

Since I work from home, my kids are often around as I’m trying to conduct business, and occasionally I need to retreat to the office to actually hear an important phone call. One day last winter I explained that I was going to be on the phone for about 30 minutes and needed them to try not to interrupt unless it was an emergency. (They were 8 and 10, so this was not an unreasonable request.) They asked who I was going to be talking to, and I told them the call was an interview with a magazine.

“What magazine?” my tween daughter asked in a bored voice, not even looking at me.
“Good Housekeeping,” I replied, feeling kind of important.
“Never heard of it, ” she dismissed, never looking up.

My son looked thoughtful, then puzzled. “Good Housekeeping?” he asked. “But Mama, our house is really messy!”

Yes, it is, Tristan. Consider this is your first lesson in irony.

I made it through the 30 minutes without any emergencies, and GCDSpa is now featured in the June issue of that magazine my daughter had never heard of. Here’s the online version of “My Brilliant (New) Career”.

I’m still a little excited about it (even though I am a terrible housekeeper). The print version should be on newsstands in the coming days. Please let us know what you think! I’d love to hear from you!