Yesterday we announced our home (and business) transition to a Zero Emission, renewable energy source for electricity–but you may be wondering what else we’re doing here to “go Green.”

Recycling: We recycle everything possible, from plastic to paper, cardboard, and glass.

Shipping: Though we can’t recycle styrofoam peanuts, we reuse them for our shipping (and hope our customers do, too!). We also reuse bubble wrap and packing boxes, and when we have to purchase packaging materials, we buy recycled and recyclable items whenever possible.

Purchasing: We try to purchase our materials as close to home as possible, and place orders in bulk to reduce packaging as well as transportation costs. We’ve also started to give business to companies that use Green power, or do other things to protect the environment. For example, The Paper Mill Store uses wind power in their facilities.

Commuting: We’re lucky to work in a home office, which means a quick walk down the hall to work–no commute necessary!

Lighting: Our offices use only fluorescent lighting, in overhead and compact bulb fixtures.

Reducing: We’ve reduced our paper consumption by going digital for the majority of our communications, archiving, and banking. We have also chosen not to have a print catalog–our product catalog is our web site, which is totally digital and paper-free.

Printing: We offer recycled papers for our customized tags and cards, and we recycle our printer cartridges.

Products: In recent months we’ve changed some of our product containers to make them more readily recyclable for our customers, and we’ll continue to offer more green options for packaging. We also will be offering new, green wedding favor wrapping, including biodegradable bags, lip balm tins, recycled paper tags, and raffia ties (watch for these options coming soon!)

Our lavender bud sachets are a great green alternative to wedding confetti–watch for new packaging options for these, too!

Do you have any suggestions for other green options? Let us know what you think! We love to hear your ideas!