bachelorette party favor ideas lip balmThere may be fifty years between my mom and my daughter, but they have a shared motto: Girls Rule! I couldn’t agree more. Guys are great, but our gal pals really “get” us and are always there for us, through thick and thin. If you’re surrounded by strong women (like I am!) you’re probably happy to have more reasons to get together with them. Here are some suggestions for Girls’ Night Out Ideas…and Girls’ Night Out Gifts to make everyone feel special! (Don’t worry…if you need ideas for girls night in, we have those, too!)

Some of these ideas will work well for bachelorette party theme ideas or bridal showers, too! Don’t forget 40th birthday party favors,bookclub party favors…life is all about the celebrations, right?

And please let us know if you have any unique ideas of your own that you’d like to share! We love to blog about fun parties and party planning ideas.

40th birthday party favorsIt’s My Party! It’s Your Party!

Lots of girls’ night out ideas (or girls’ nights in) are inspired by one person’s special event, like a wedding or new baby. Bridal showers, baby showers, and bachelorette parties are perfect occasions to party with the girls. But let’s not limit ourselves—we can also have big soirées to say Happy Birthday, congratulations, good luck or best wishes to a special friend! Break up or divorce parties are even gaining popularity…after all, girlfriends often need more support at the end of a relationship than at the beginning.

Our party favors have personalized tags and labels to express your unique sentiments. They make really fun 50th birthday favors (or 40th or 60th or…well, you know!). Check out all the ways we can personalize your favors, and place your custom order here. We also have gift sets in lots of great fragrances and all price ranges to pamper that special person!

girls night out ideas sugar scrub favorsEveryone’s a Star

When there isn’t a particular occasion—or when everyone wants to feel like the star of the party–a Spa Night might be just what the girls need! Pedicures all around, fine wine, good gossip—the kind of relaxing evening out we all need once in a while! Our Mini Pedicure Sets are great little gifts for girls night out, or send everyone home with Sweetini lip balm favors for a little reminder of your night out.

Dinner and dancing are fun with a date, but they’re also fun with the girls! Shared conversation over shared appetizers will get everyone pumped to go clubbing. Think cosmopolitan or lemon drop favors for girls out on the town.

Get your just desserts…or just get dessert: skip dinner and head straight for the chocolate! A chocolate tasting is a decadent way to celebrate with the girls. New rule: shared calories don’t count, so pass the truffle cake—and the truffle balms with personalized favor tags.

Red Carpet Divas attend movie premieres in their finest eveningwear—so why shouldn’t you and your diva friends? Go all out when you all go out and you’ll be turning heads! The sky’s the limit! (And remember, Divas love our Sweetini Spa products with cocktail fragrances!)

40th birthday party favorsShould I Stay (In) or Should I Go?
Girls’ Night In

For those who enjoy entertaining, why not keep the party at home? There are so many options for Girls’ Night In.

Host a cocktail party complete with Girls’ Night favors in your favorite cocktail flavors. Choose a theme—Red Hot lip balm for a Hot Mama theme, or Pink Champagne for a dressed-up Diva Night.

Or how about a Margarita party, with special invitations, margarita sampling (strawberry, melon, or raspberry margaritas, anyone?), and margarita favors? Tequila is Mexico’s national drink, so create a Mexican menu to share the whole experience!

Other Girls’ Night In Ideas

Book Club Night: Pick a title every month and take turns hosting theme parties to discuss what you’ve read.

Chick Flick Night: Instead of a book club, why not a film or DVD club? Watch Under the Tuscan Sun at an Italian theme party, for example; or rent Sex and the City and serve cosmopolitans (with cosmo favors, of course!). And DVD release parties are always fun!

Crafty Lady Crop Night: Scrapbooking is so hip these days, and a great way to reminisce (as well as an excuse to update those photos!) Consider a scrapbooking event instead of a shower: have each gal create a page for the guest of honor with their own memories, and put together a wonderful gift of shared history!

bachelorette lip balmsGirls’ Night In Games
We have some fun girls’ night in games you can play with our balms! For a Divorce Shower or Breakup Party, place an assortment of balms and a single Dirty Bastard balm in a basket. Let all the girls choose a balm, and the winner (loser?) is the girl who chooses the bastard!

For a bachelorette party, place a single Sex on the Beach balm in a basket with an assortment of other balms, and the girl who gets the Sex on the Beach wins!