It was 1984. Prince was big (though we preferred Duran Duran and the Eurythmics). We drooled over Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles and never missed Crockett and Tubbs (and their pastel jackets). And our favorite part about school dances? Getting ready togethergetting-ready

I’m definitely not 13 anymore. Today’s music is (very) different and Karate Kid has made way for Hunger Games. What hasn’t changed is that my daughter likes getting ready with her friends as much as I did.

makeupThere’s still lots of curling iron time with hair that may or may not want to be curled (remember that, Beth?). There’s lots of makeup that stays in place a little longer now that there’s no Van Halen to “Jump” around to.





There are even manicures, and my friends come by to help. Maybe it reminds them of getting ready all those years ago?


I know I feel nostalgic when I hear them laughing as they get ready, and I’m sure they’ll always remember these nights. What about you–what are some of your favorite memories of getting ready together?