When I did inventory last month, I discovered a handful of fragrances and flavors that have not been ordered very often in the past year. Rather than continuing to stock those items, I’ve decided it’s time to retire them to make room for more popular options!

In my newsletter last month I announced the retirement of Citrus Rose, which will be followed by Rose at the end of this month (still a few weeks if you’re interested!). Here’s the rest of the fragrances we will be setting aside in the next month or two. These will be available for a short time while supplies last, so stock up if you’re a fan:

Citrus & Ginger (Supply issue…this one is no longer available at all)
Cucumber Melon
Lily of the Valley

I may add to this list in the coming weeks based on feedback; I’ll also be making decisions about the flavors we’ll be retiring.

You may be wondering if we already have other fragrances planned, and the answer is YES! We have several fragrances (such as Apricot Freesia and Tulips) which we’ll be bringing back this spring, and others that will be back in the fall for the holidays. These Limited Editions are really fun and we’ll continue to offer them as long as there is interest. I may also offer some of these retired fragrances as Limited Editions if there is interest in the future.

I’m looking forward to adding a completely new fragrance to our line this spring! This one has clean, marine notes with muguet, musk, and orris, rounded off with citrus. I think this scent is just perfect for beach party favors or destination wedding gifts, and I plan to offer this permanently if people like it. My big challenge right now is what to call it! If you’d like to help, keep watching here and on Facebook…

I just want to finish by telling you how difficult it is to discontinue products. I know that I will almost always end up disappointing someone with these decisions, and I don’t take that lightly. Please know that it is always my goal to offer a variety of fragrances and flavors that you will enjoy, without overwhelming you with too many options or wasting your time with choices that don’t interest you. As always, I welcome your feedback about these decisions!