September’s Flavor of the Month is based on a Prohibition-era gin cocktail called The Bee’s Knees. Apparently some of the gin of the time was rather…malodorous…so the story goes that honey syrup was added to make the drink more palatable. It must have worked: “the bee’s knees” is a phrase (from the Roaring ’20s) used to describe excellent things.
Even though no part of our Bee’s Knees lip balm is malodorous (or contains alcohol at all, for that matter), we also include the flavors of honey syrup and lemon, just like the original cocktail. We think it’s an “excellent thing,” and we hope you do, too.
bee's knees lip balm

The Bee’s Knees is available at 15% off through the end of the month like all of our Flavor of the Month balms. We still have a few of August’s Watermelon lip balms available, too. (Make sure to order soon!)

We’ll also be including a Bee’s Knees lip balm in orders placed by our favorite customers. Remember to look for that check box at checkout this month.