When my kids were little, we’d take them to a local Indian restaurant. They didn’t care much for the dal shorba or aloo mutter. Sometimes they would eat plain rice and naan or parathas, but their favorite part of the meal was the mango lassi.
Imagine fresh mango, milk, and yogurt blended with a bit of sugar. Sometimes flavored with a hint of rose water or a dash of cardamom, mango lassi is a thick yogurt milkshake—and it’s May’s Flavor of the Month.
mango lassi lip balm


Mango Lassi lip balm is available through May, and like all of our Flavors of the Month, it’s 15% off.
We’ll also include a Mango Lassi balm in orders placed by our favorite customers (Flavorites). You know I don’t like to pick favorites, so I’ll let you decide. Look for the note at checkout to let me know if you’d like one!
Have you ever tried mango lassi? Do you like it with cardamom or rose water, or just mango?