Once again it’s time to announce the Flavor of the Month. This year’s flavors have included Margarita and Spring Fever (just a few left if you haven’t tried one).

This month I was planning to offer Bubblegum as the month’s flavor. I was taking the pictures, preparing the post, had everything ready and then I paused. “Hmm, I wonder if Circus Peanut lip balm would be good?”

I know, maybe crazy. So I asked on our Facebook page: Which do you like better? And about 85% of the responses said Circus Peanut! So here we go.

circus peanut lip balm

If you love sweet banana marshmallow with loads of Vitamin Orange (okay, maybe less than the real circus peanuts), make sure you pick up a Circus Peanut lip balm this month. Or place an order for anything else in May and we’ll include a Flavor of the Month for you to try.

If you want to help choose new flavors, Facebook is the place to be. I’d love to see you! I post sneak peeks and sales there occasionally, but most of the posts are cakes and cookies, flowers, party planning stuff, sites I like…it’s like a party. Hope to see you there!