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This flavor started as such things often do: a challenge, this time from a sibling. Over a decade ago my brother, a musician who has played many an Irish pub, noted that there should be a lip balm for kissing the Blarney Stone. It should be an Irish cream lip balm, we decided, and its application would bestow the “gift of the gab” on the wearer. Of course this sounded like such blarney that the only fitting name was Blarney Balm.

Since its first appearance all those years ago, our Blarney Balm has helped many an Irish lass to celebrate her wedding day. We’ve wrapped up the luck of the Irish for Celtic baby showers and birthday parties, too. Blarney Balm even took a trip to Ireland with friends who visited the Blarney Stone. (They shared pictures, but I didn’t see anyone actually kissing the stone!)

Blarney is back

After a brief absence, our reformulated Blarney Balm is back. With the same pale green hue, its sweet Irish whiskey, vanilla and cream taste is even better than before. And it’s just in time to be the Flavor of the Month for March.

March flavor of the month irish cream

Our Blarney Balm lip balm tastes just like Irish cream…sweet, like caramel cream or toffee, with a hint of whiskey and vanilla. Available at 15% off while supplies last, we’ll also include this month’s Lip Balm in orders placed in March. And we’ll even tuck in one of these matching fabric masks in one of our green fabrics.

After March 31, you’ll be able to find Blarney Balm permanently here, and also in our shamrock-themed lip balm favors. Perfect for Celtic-themed events or to wish some Irish luck to your party guests!

Irish Cream lip balm

Anyone in your life need the gift of gab? Or maybe just a lucky shamrock gift?

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