This month’s flavor isn’t exactly new; we’ve been making a version of balm on the fourth lip balm for years. First we poured them in clear jars, but later decided that they were much more fun in tubes.
This year, Balm on the Fourth of July is our Flavor of the Month for June, so there’s plenty of time to get this stars and stripes balm to celebrate Independence Day.
balm on the fourth of july

The stars are on the label, but the stripes are inside: three stacked flavors in one tube. Start with yummy strawberry, followed by tart lemon ice in the middle, and finish with sweet blueberry.

Balm on the Fourth of July is available through July 4, at 15% off like all of our Flavor of the Month balms.

We’ll also be including a Balm on the Fourth lip balm in orders placed by our favorite customers (Flavorites). Remember, we don’t pick favorites, so you get to decide at checkout whether you’d like to join!

I think the last time I made Balm on the Fourth, the red layer was cherry flavored. I hope you like this new version! Have you ever tried a layered lip balm?