macaron lip balms

This past November, I was supposed to be in Paris.

We were celebrating our anniversary with a trip to visit family and new places: Zurich, Amsterdam, and yes, Paris. The last time we traveled was in October of 2014, when I sampled chocolate croissants from every pâtisserie in Quebec City. (That might be an exaggeration.)

I was looking forward to doing the same in Paris, but then, of course, Covid happened.

So our trip is postponed indefinitely, leaving me at home to experiment with confections in my kitchen and pretend that I am eating them in a café. I think it may be time to learn how to make something new—like those delicate, colorful confections I saw next to all the chocolate croissants (and never tried because: chocolate croissants).

But first, I made them in a lip balm flavor for January’s Flavor of the Month.

Hello, Macaron.

macaron lip balm

Just like the cupcake before it, the macaron has become wildly popular. With their characteristic crispy exteriors, melt-in-your-mouth centers, and butter-creamy filling, these meringue-based cookies are not just in pâtisseries anymore. They’re featured on wedding dessert tables, as tiny treats at bridal teas, and among the baby shower goodies. (Did you know that McDonald’s even offers them in their McCafés in some countries?)

Our own macaron lip balm has a subtle vanilla-almond flavor with a hint of sweet buttercream. Available at 15% off through the end of the month, we’ll also include this month’s Lip Balm in orders placed in January. And while supplies last, we’ll even tuck in one of these matching Paris love note-themed fabric masks. They make me feel nostalgic for a place I’ve never been. Ah, the places we can travel in our own kitchens! (I’ll let you know how I do with the macaron experiments.)

Do you love macarons? What are your favorite flavor combinations?