salted caramelsDo you have a favorite treat that satisfies your sweet tooth AND makes you nostalgic for your childhood?

For me, that’s caramel. As a kid I loved caramel candy bars. Every time we walked to the corner store, I’d choose chocolate covered caramel (remember Marathon bars?). The day before I got braces, I ate an entire bag of caramels. It definitely hits a “sweet spot” for me: sugary bliss that stirs up happy memories.

So when salted caramel started being a thing, I was skeptical on principle. The original was just right! Why mess with perfection? Of course, I was wrong.

This better-than-the-original candy is February’s Flavor of the Month.

salted caramel balm and pink mask

Our salted caramel lip balm is buttery, sweet, and has a touch of sea salt. Available at 15% off while supplies last, we’ll also include this month’s Lip Balm in orders placed in February. And we’ll even tuck in one of these matching Victorian feather fabric masks.

salted caramel lip balm

Do you love salted caramel as much as I do?

Salted Caramel | Flavor of the Month