What’s yellow and sweet and tastes like marshmallow? April’s Flavor of the Month!

Marshmallow Chick is just how you remember it (well, without the crunchy sugar coating). Oh, and our version is significantly less sticky than the original, too.

marshmallow lip balm

Marshmallow Chick is available all month at 15% off.

Our email subscribers still get a free Flavor of the Month with each order. Remember, there are two ways you can request your marshmallow lip balm. You can add one to the cart to claim your balm here and we’ll add you to the list if you aren’t already a member (don’t worry, the price will zero out when you add the Flavor of the Month option). Or simply type the word “flavorite” in the Order Notes section at checkout.

We’d love to know what you think of Marshmallow Chick! If you’ve tried this new flavor, please share your opinions in the comments!

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