Alton Brown’s best kitchen advice.


In Alton Brown’s I’m Just Here For More Food, we are encouraged to consider carrot cake a “large muffin.” As I have always been tempted to spoon that thick, carrot-flecked batter into muffin cups, I am behind this culinary reclassification 100%. 

I was surprised to find no pineapple in Alton Brown’s carrot cake recipe. My favorite family recipe comes from my grandmother, who always included canned pineapple in her carrot cake. This month’s lip balm flavor is inspired by her recipe (sorry, Alton), with its spicy crumb and creamy, cheesy (cream cheesy?) frosting. And yes, even a touch of pineapple. 

Carrot Cake lip balm is available through April, and like all of our Flavors of the Month, it’s 15% off.
We’ll also include a Carrot Cake balm in orders placed by our favorite (er…flavorite?) customers. You know I don’t like to pick favorites, so I’ll let you decide. Look for the note at checkout to let me know if you’d like one!
Do you like Carrot Cake? With or without pineapple? (Nuts? Raisins?)