I just realized I never introduced the Flavor of the Month for July! How did that happen?
This month’s flavor was created by friends on Facebook! Kate F. suggested Swedish Fish®-flavored balm several months ago. Since it’s a ® name, I asked for help thinking of alternate balm names. (Of course my ideas were silly…Candy Fish Balm, Gummy Fish Balm, Fishy Balm…ugh!)
Fortunately I have genius friends: Jennifer D. immediately suggested Fish Lips. How perfect is that?
 fish lips lip balm

Fish lips lip balm

The original red Swedish Fish® has a unique flavor, possibly lingonberry, but also described as cherry or fruit punch. We conducted extensive research in our own “lab” to try to approximate this scrumptious red candy in balm form. Did we succeed? You’ll have to let us know!

Swedish fish
As with all of our other flavors of the month, Fish Lips is available through this month only. We’re also adding one to each order placed in July.
I’m working on a giveaway related to this fun flavor; as soon as I figure out how to do this on Facebook, I’ll post entry details here!
What do you think? Are you a fan of Swedish Fish®? Do they taste more like cherry to you, or some type of berry?