finding the path
I’m a sucker for advice blogs, business gurus’ posts, recipe and DIY sites. Sometimes I just want someone to tell me what to do, in 5 easy steps, in little bite-sized pieces, so I don’t have to spend any time figuring things out for myself. The popularity of these sites and blogs suggests that I’m not alone.
We’re all so busy, it’s a big help to let someone else do some of the work, to let them “stray” to find the direct path for us. I appreciate this and try to share things here to save time for other people, too.
For the occasional recipe, DIY, or business tip, that’s great. But finding the path to this particular moment hasn’t really been simple or direct. For me, the pieces often seemed too big to handle, the steps numerous and winding. Figuring things out, finding my path, required a lot of straying. There wasn’t a handy guide. If there had been, I would have been first in line to buy it. And I would have taken someone else’s path to some other place.
Today I’m feeling grateful for all the help that saves me time every day. But I’m also glad for the straying that got me here.