This week we’re starting a new feature that we hope will become a regular part of the blog, and we’re calling it Feedback Friday. Here’s how this works:

• Every other Friday I’ll post a product, fragrance, or flavor, and tell you a little bit about it. I might talk about the ingredients, or how the product came about in the first place. I’ll show you examples of it, and show you where you can get it. Then the fun starts…

• If you’ve already tried the product, I welcome you to share your opinions by leaving a comment. Please don’t be shy! And don’t feel that you have to share only positive comments… sometimes you don’t like a particular fragrance, or you think a flavor of balm is too strong or not true to its name. I want to know! How can I improve our products if I don’t know what customers want? If you haven’t tried the product, we’re going to make it easy for you by…

• Offering a free sample. This week, Feedback Friday is Lemon Blueberry fragrance, and the free sample, available for the next two weeks, is a trial size bottle of Lemon Blueberry lotion. You can add one to your next order (make sure you use the Sweetie Coupon for a discount on your order) and try it out. Then what I hope you’ll do is…

Come back here and tell us what you think! This is a chance for you to try a new product and share your opinions with others, and a way for me to really see what you think! I’ll also be testing a few new fragrances this spring, so you can weigh in on the products we offer in the coming months. I hope you’ll think about sharing your thoughts with us!

lemon blueberry lotionLemon Blueberry fragrance is a custom blend that I put together in 2005 soon after I started making products. I live in Maine, which is the largest producer of lowbush blueberries in the world. Blueberries appear everywhere here, as motifs in home décor, fragrances in candles, and of course featured in everything from pies to cheesecakes, muffins, and pancakes. Making a fragrance and flavor with blueberries was a natural, then, but we made it different by adding tart lemon. The result is our exclusive, sweet and citrusy blend that smells like dessert.

While this fragrance was first popular with our local customers, it’s become our overall best-selling fragrance. If you want to see what the fuss is about, order your sample! Then please come back to share your opinion!

Lemon Blueberry is available in:
hand creams
bath gel (with real blueberry seeds for gentle exfoliation)
sugar scrub (also with real blueberry seeds)
bath salts
gift sets

We even make a matching lip balm flavor! Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Please let us know by adding your comment below!