It’s Feedback Friday! In case you’re just joining us, Feedback Friday is when we feature one of our fragrances or flavors with an invitation to share your opinions below. If you haven’t tried the featured product, we make it easier by offering a sample in your next order.

We’re almost finished with February, and you know what that means: Got Green? St. Patrick’s Day encourages us to wear green, and to me that means green lip balm. I make several, including Irish Lady, Margarita, and Appletini (don’t worry: all are lightly tinted and won’t leave green color on your lips). But my favorite St. Patrick’s Day balm is Irish Cream Blarney Balm.

Several years ago my brother, a musician with routine gigs at Irish pubs, suggested that I really should make a lip balm for kissing the Blarney Stone. (Apparently it’s really rough and uncomfortable to kiss the Blarney Stone). We determined that this balm should be pale green, it should have an Irish cream flavor, and its application would bestow the “gift of the gab” on the wearer. Of course this sounded like such blarney that the only fitting name was Blarney Balm.

Blarney Balm is available in jars or tubes, and can also be wrapped and decorated with bows and custom tags for your event. Be forewarned: Blarney Balm may lead to sweet talking, and we’re pretty sure its shea and cocoa butters will leave your lips so smooth and soft you’ll be confident enough to say, “Kiss me! I’m Irish!”

If you’ve tried Blarney Balm, we’d love to know what you think! Share your opinions (and please–no blarney) in the comments below. If you haven’t tried it, we’ll be including one in every order for the month of March.

Thank you for your interest!

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