I was delighted to be featured on the Indie Business Blog last week for the custom favors I created for this year’s Indie Cruise!

Donna Maria Coles Johnson shared the photo below (thank you for allowing me to share too, dM!) and said, “Our #IndieCruise logo looks fantastic, and so does the coordinating tulle bow. Emily even included our theme for this year’s cruise: Conceive! Believe! Achieve! The assorted flavors are delicious, and perfect for a cruise around the Caribbean: Margarita, Mojito, Coconut Twist and Pina Colada. Yum!”

I’ve been a member of the Indie Beauty Network since 2006 and have enjoyed taking advantage of the organization’s benefits, including the affordable insurance, industry updates and education, new ways to share (like #HandmadeChat) and networking opportunities with other small business owners. However, I have yet to attend Indie Cruise. Maybe 2014 will be my year?

Thank you, IBN and Donna Maria, for all that you do. I’m glad that you enjoyed the favors! I know that I enjoyed making them for you.