Have I mentioned how much I love doing custom work? We often add new designs, and many of them are inspired by the work we’re doing with our amazing customers. In fact, I just added a new Paris theme design to our Bridal Shower Favors, the result of a recent collaboration on a French-inspired shower.

Today I’m excited to bring you a closer look at that collaboration in the first of our series of posts about Featured Favors. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing how we work with customers to create favors for their special celebrations!

French theme favors

Custom designs often start with an email that goes something like this:

“I recently came across your website . . .

I will be planning a bridal shower . . . with a French inspired theme . . .
The colors are black & pink . . . please let me know what you think . . .” -Helen

Hmm…I think I’d love to sketch poodles and Eiffel Towers and mustaches!

The rough sketches are scanned, and then we add colors and patterns, fonts, names and dates. We share a few Paris theme ideas to see if we’re on the right track:

French sketches

Often the designs will need to be tweaked. We might be asked to put the font from example one with tag two and the stripes from tag three. Then we send an updated design to see if we’re closer. But this time, one of the tags was just right.

“You picked the most perfect tag. My daughter is an animal lover . . . she has two dogs.”

Yay for Pink Poodles! Next step: choose flavors, fragrances, and organza colors. Then, we put them all together (so all you need to do is share them). Here are the final favors (ooh la la!):

Paris theme shower favors

And here is how they were displayed and shared:

French theme shower favors

Here are more photos of the gorgeous French inspired bridal shower and Allina’s guests.

French theme shower


Paris theme shower

French inspired theme bridal shower


Thank you, Helen, for sharing the photos from Allina’s amazing bridal shower! You were a pleasure to work with. Best wishes to you and your family!

All bridal shower photos © Helen H.

What do you think? Are you planning a shower with a unique theme? Would you love to share the details of your fun celebration here at our blog?! Talk with us! We’d love to work with you.