every day like spring

Spring is coming, and as always I feel anything but “calm” about it.

Spring means longer, warmer, greener days, more time outside, open windows, waking gardens. All of those things are exciting! What was that Mahler talking about??

A quick look at Mahler’s life tells us that while he made his living as a conductor, he loved composing. When he was 33, he spent the summer at a retreat at Steinbach, working on his compositions. He composed every summer for the rest of his life.

Is this why spring made him calm? Was he looking forward to the time he would get to spend on his own work (instead of fighting with colleagues or listening to the complaints of opera singers and musicians)?

What happens when you get to do the work you love every day instead of in stolen moments or planned retreats? Do you have a life you need to “escape” from? Is every day like spring? What do you think?