You may remember back in August that I was talking a little (OK, a lot) about sharks. I had a Shark Week celebration of sorts on Facebook, and this Shark Bite candle was one of the amazing products I mentioned. It was so cool I had to buy one for myself.

The candle is a beautiful color, and of course the label is terrific, too. But what you can’t experience from the picture is the extraordinary fragrance, or the gorgeous blue glitter that sparkles just beneath the cover. You also miss out on the “squee!” that results when you open a package and find your purchase gift-wrapped in a special black box with a shiny label reading, “Blue Moon Candles: Intensely Fragrant Handcrafted Candles.” (It’s something you just have to experience firsthand—I highly recommend it!)

Blue Moon Candles is the creation of Lisa Kasper, who has discovered how to combine her “passion and obsession” in magical candles, perfumes, and bath and body products. I couldn’t wait to share Lisa’s story with you and I hope you’re as enchanted with Blue Moon Candles (and Eden’s Alchemy) as I am!

Tell us about your background: where did you grow up? What did you study or think you’d be doing for work?

I grew up in Fontana and Claremont in Southern California. Most people do not know that I studied Dentistry right out of high school and have been in the dental field for 25 years. I currently work part time managing a dental office as well as running Blue Moon Candles. I have always loved candles and have fond memories of enjoying them with both of my grandmothers. My gran Millie used to always have candles on her dining tables (she was a world class cook) and my gran Sabra had a beautiful back yard and would float candles on lily candleholders in her pool during all our family parties. I was entranced by candlelight from an early age. Potions and lotions have always intrigued me as well and I suppose it is only natural for that passion to come out by making my own creations.

When did you first start making candles?

In 1996 I wanted some black candles that were gardenia scented but could never find any. While visiting my favorite beach spot I came across the cutest beekeeping candle shop where I struck up a conversation with the owner Emma. She laughingly says she could sense my passion and awe and offered to teach me if I was willing to make the hour and a half drive back to learn. That drive flew by let me tell you! I could not wait! Just like magic—passion and obsession united and the rest is history. In 1997 I started crafting by giving our handmade candles and tarts to family and friends. The real business of selling began later and has grown to include customers as far away as Australia and Italy. I always love packaging our orders see just where our candles will end up; it never ceases to amaze me.

What sets your products apart from other similar products and companies?

We use all natural wax in all of our candles. Several of our candles use an Organic vegetable blend of wax. Blue Moon Candles is different in that we are extremely picky about the ingredients that we use. When using Soy wax we use wax from non-modified soybeans. We are one of the first companies to use fruit and nut waxes in our candles. Some of the ingredients we use are Apricot wax, Walnut wax, Olive Oil wax and Coconut wax. We support renewable resources and small farms for the raw ingredients that we use. We have always believed better ingredients make a better clean burning candle. All of our fragrances are pure uncut and phthalate free or Essential Oil blends. We also offer a refill program on our glass container candles for our local customers. Our candles are Made to Order, so that you can get your choice of color in the style and fragrance that YOU want, fresh and fragrant.

What are your best-selling products? What’s YOUR favorite?

Our Eden’s Alchemy apothecary perfume is a huge hit right now in our Fall fragrances, Dark Kiss and Vamp. Our best selling product is our Gothic Drip Pillar candle in Celtic Moonspice. It is our year round best seller and just so happens to be my favorite as well. (Well, that and my black Gardenia candles). I love the drip finish; especially with a little matching glitter added. They just look enchanted and magical to me.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I am inspired by the strangest of things. Fairy tales and love stories, the night sky, a crooked smile, the ocean shore, the Moon (of course), nature, music. There is no end—every day there are hundreds of things around that inspire me, the trick for me is narrowing it down.

Yesterday I was inspired by an oil slick believe it or not and just wait till you see what I am going to do with that! Some of my favorite new products are our Halloween tumbler candles, they come in two designs: Spiderwebs and Black Cats.

You must have something special in store for Halloween!

For Halloween and Fall this year I have decided to focus on Fragrance. We feature several scents inspired by dark New Orleans, as well as Gothic and Vintage Horror. Our Drip candles and decorated pillars are the perfect backdrop for your Halloween haunt. You can view our main Fall and Winter fragrances here. Our one of a kind decorated pillars will be listed on our Etsy and Facebook page. (If you “like” them on Facebook you also get a discount!)

Where do you think (hope!) your company will be in 5 years?

I would love to see our products in more retail and Spa venues. I hope our brand continues to grow and people can enjoy all the things we have to offer. I never want to become a huge company out of touch and forced to give up the personal service that defines our products, but I am looking forward to growing and branching out over the next few years.

You can find Blue Moon Candles and Eden’s Alchemy online, as well as the Blue Moon Candles blog. You can also connect with Lisa and Blue Moon Candles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

I’m thinking I need a Gothic Pillar for Halloween this year! How about you? What’s your favorite Blue Moon Candle?