my easy pumpkin carving experts

When my kids were little, they carved pumpkins every fall.

I remember the elaborate design ideas they came up with, sketched first onto paper, then transferred onto that tough orange skin. I remember how excited they were to tackle the job, wielding their tiny scoops and kid-friendly saws for what seemed like hours. I also remember the much simpler designs we ended up with when people got bored, or cut a nose where the eye was supposed to go, or got sick of dealing with pumpkin guts.

The front doorstep was always decorated with their spooky creations, which made the perfect seasonal backdrop for the annual costume photos (see above for Harry Potter and pirate…that was a good year).

If we’d seen this easy pumpkin carving trick back then, I can only imagine how our porch would have looked. I can’t believe how simple this is (also, why didn’t we think of it before?!). Such a fast way to cut cool designs into a pumpkin. And you get to use a hammer!

I might need to bring back the pumpkin tradition this year, just so I can try this.

What do you think? Are you ready to “carve” a pumpkin using this technique? What shapes would you use?