Divorce Parties


Who hasn’t taken a friend out to cheer her up after a bad break up? When a friend’s relationship sours, one of the sweetest things you can do is remind her how much you care about her! If you were there for her “last night out” as a bachelorette, how about celebrating her “first night out” as a new single?

Break Up and Divorce Parties are gaining popularity as a more “lighthearted” way to mark the end of a relationship. Once the difficult emotional and legal process is over, a new life can begin, and that’s something to celebrate.

Remember in “Under the Tuscan Sun,” how Frances goes out to dinner when her marriage ends? Her friend Patti says, “You start a marriage with cake and champagne. Finish it that way, too.” If you’re helping a friend to celebrate the end of a difficult time, our berry cabernet favors with personalized messages can help you say, “Congratulations! You made it through!”

While we certainly don’t promote vengeful thinking, what’s a little venting among friends? For those who can’t wait to make it final, Dirty Bastard is a mixed drink flavor and fragrance with attitude! Add a “Happy Trails!” tag to your lotion favors and head out on the town with your diva friends.

If you and the girls prefer a cosmo or appletini, you can stick to your favorites with our favors: our Girls Night lip balms come in all of your favorite cocktail flavors. Gift tags can be personalized with soon-to-be-single’s name and/or date of “freedom.” Start by selecting your product below and share your special requests in the custom text field. Talk with us about adding your own personal touches!

Happy Trails


Girls Night Lip Balms



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