Back at the holidays I did a lot of shopping with Indie businesses and then shared my favorites here. It was pretty easy to talk about what I liked when I was shopping for friends or family, but shopping for pampered pooches is a little more complicated. I love dogs, but don’t have one of my own yet, so I had to choose some special friends to help me. I wanted to make sure these Diva Dogs had enough time to really try out the products and give their “paws up” before sharing them with you. I’m so happy to say that Dirty Dog Organics was a howling success with my furry friends!

Each of my friends received a Dirty Dog Organics Gift Pack which included Pet Wash and Fur Freshener. Dirty Dog Organics are manufactured and distributed by The Grapeseed Co. in Santa Barbara, California. Their pet products are 100% paraben and sulfate free, with soothing essential oils and lots of organic ingredients that are pH balanced to condition, cleanse, and combat dander. Add in recyclable packaging and what’s not to love? I couldn’t wait to see what my friends would think!

My parents’ Westie is a retired show dog (CH Camrick’s Lady Mairghread). Maggie may look fancy, but her favorite pastime is digging and getting muddy, and sometimes she even smells a little (*gasp*)–“doggy”. Enter Dirty Dog Organics Pet Wash. “The pet wash smells wonderful and left her coat very nice,” Lynne says. To combat that “doggy odor” (or DO, as Dirty Dog Organics calls it), they tried the Fur Freshener. “Between baths we find that a small spray of Fur Freshener, combed through her coat, keeps her smelling sweet enough to sleep on our bed at night.” (Are you surprised that this pup doesn’t sleep on the floor?)

My other canine assistant was my best friend Joanne’s Aussie. Piper is a Princess: she is a bit aloof, and very selective when bestowing doggy kisses. Though baths are not her favorite, she was gracious enough to allow Joanne to bathe her with Dirty Dog Organics Pet Wash.

Joanne says, “I loved the smell of the Dirty Dog Pet Wash. It really was great! Piper tends to get itchy skin (as we all do) during dry weather and this really didn’t bother her. It also made her coat very shiny and gorgeous!” Joanne also found that the Fur Freshener works well between washes. “The first time I used it, I sprayed a bit too much–a few sprays are all you need to leave a really nice fragrance.” Princess Piper seems to enjoy the extra attention she gets when she’s all prettied up with Dirty Dog products (and she’ll probably even let Joanne use them again!).

Check out Dirty Dog Organics if you have a Pampered Pooch who deserves natural and organic products with refreshing essential oils and earth-friendly packaging!