“Trick or treat?”
“Trick. If you can say ‘ogre boogers’ five times, I’ll give you some.”
Okay, they might actually be pear-flavored jelly beans, but isn’t it more fun to think of them as boogers? And really, ogre boogers make much better monster party treats.
Green jelly beans, or ogre boogers? Print tags for Jack-o-lantern teeth and ghost poop, too, and share these monster party treats.
What if you don’t have green jelly beans? We have tags for candy corn (which are clearly Jack-o-lantern teeth) and mini marshmallows (aka ghost poop). Yes, I know that’s disgusting. And kids will love it.
monster party treats - jack-o-lantern teeth

Monster Tags

Monster Candy Tags

Click here to download a PDF that includes all three tag designs. The PDF includes three pages, each with three fold-over tags of the same design (for personal use only, please). Print the design of your choice onto card stock and then use the dotted line guides on the sides to create the creases for folding. Cut along the guide lines above and below, then trim the sides of each tag to fit your bags.

Fill a ziploc bag with treats (we used the snack size bags) and seal, then fold a tag over the top and staple to cover the zip.

Which do you like better: ogre boogers, ghost poop, or jack-o-lantern teeth?