Today I’m sharing a new palette in our series inspired by the colors of the garden. You can see the original video that inspired this series, as well as previous posts with the Rose Campion palette and Daylily palette.

Sunflower inspiration

Today’s inspiration comes from the Sunflower, Helianthus annuus, a plant native to the Americas and cultivated for thousands of years. Sunflowers grow in a range of colors; this palette includes the warm golds and dark browns of its inflorescence, a perfect complement to the deep blue skies of late summer days. I love these warm and cool color combinations for early fall events—see below for some of our favors that feature these colors.
Want more design inspiration? Check out our Sunflower ideas on Pinterest!
sunflower design palette
Lip balm favors with custom labels | Design #155
Lip balm favors with custom tags | Design #1326
Lavender Toss Favors | Design #1327
Lip balm favors with custom tags and labels | Sunny Future Designs #154 & #1048
Lip Balm favors with custom labels | Houndstooth Design #275
Lotion Bridal Shower Favors | Tag design #1052


Lip Balm tins with custom labels | Design #276
Working on an event with these colors? I’d love to help! Please contact me to discuss the details!