Back in February I created a video showing where I get a lot of my color inspiration. As I was taking yet another photo tour of my garden, I decided to create a blog series to post some of the palettes I love.

Today’s inspiration is the Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria), a plant that could be found in English cottage gardens in the 1600s as well as the gardens at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. I love the muted, almost celadon, silvery-sage green of the stems and foliage paired with the plant’s incredibly bright pink-to-fuchsia blossoms. Here’s one possible palette, followed by some of our favors that feature these colors. 

Want more inspiration for your event? Check out our Rose Campion board on Pinterest! 
Perfect Pear lotion favors with sage bows

Fuchsia lingerie favors with sage green bows
Girls Night Lip Balm Favors with Petals bows

Lavender toss in hot pink sachets with custom tags
Apple theme favors with mint green bows
Bridal shower favors with hot pink bows
Working on an event with these colors? I’d be happy to help! 
Do you grow Rose Campion? What do you think of these colors together?