Today I’m sharing the second in a series of posts with garden-inspired palettes. (You can see the original video showing the beginnings of my color inspiration; the first palette post with Rose Campion is here.)

Friday’s inspiration comes from my favorite daylily (Hemerocallis). Daylilies are hardy perennials with over 60,000 cultivars in a wide variety of colors. I have several in my gardens, but my absolute favorite is this plum-colored beauty. Petals traced with aubergine swirl around a center of bright green, topped with bright orange stamens and ivory styles. Here’s a possible daylily design palette, and below it several favor designs that feature these colors. For more inspiration, please see our Daylily board on Pinterest!

daylily design palette

Lotion and balm travel pack favors


Lip balm favors with eggplant tulle bows (label 113, tag 1047)


Bachelorette lip balm favors with custom labels (design #99)


Lavender sachets with custom tags (design 1047)


Bridal shower lip balm favors with custom labels (label #154)

Working on an event with these colors? I’d love to help! Please contact me to share your details!

Do you grow daylilies? What color is your favorite?