Somehow I missed this article last fall, but I happened upon it recently. Written back in October by Nora Zelevansky at Salon, it refers to the new trend in divorces–how publicly they are announced, even celebrated. She mentions how couples often seem so supportive of one another that, “All the saccharine sentiments, however well intentioned, make one yearn for a few good ole exclamations of ‘bastard’ and ‘bitch.'”

I do think this is what happens, though it used to happen a bit more privately! But if you’re going to celebrate, why not go all the way? Divorce parties definitely have gotten more popular recently, and if you need a favor to share, there’s always Dirty Bastard. I have gotten more comments about this lip balm than any other product I have. People just laugh when they see it, and as author Jill Connor Browne says, “The parts in life that aren’t funny are the parts we need to laugh at most.” I couldn’t agree more!