You know what I love? I love how a few small changes in our custom bridal shower favors can make something look completely different. Here’s an example.

custom bridal shower favors
Sunny Future | Bridal Shower Lotion Favors

This is currently a favorite design for bridal shower favor tags (see photo above). The colors are just as sunny as the saying: “A sunny future begins with a shower.” It’s bright and goes well with orange or yellow bows, Mimosa lip balms or Lemon Drop lotions, all favorite choices for bridal showers.

Think pink

Now look at this:

custom bridal shower favors
Sunny Future | Tag #1048, custom colors

This is the same tag design with different colors and a different font. I just love this look requested by a creative customer (with the also-popular choices of pink and Blushing Bride, I might add). What a difference!

Imagine how much different this same design would look in aqua or emerald. How about purple? Did you know that you could request custom colors and fonts? Here are more ways we can customize your favors. I enjoy making custom bridal shower favors that are unique for each person, so don’t hesitate to talk with me if I can help!