Drumroll, please…

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been collaborating with Dolly at Dungaree Dolly’s to put together some new gift sets. If you’ve never seen her site, you just have to go check it out. Go now. Wait, open a new browser window and then go. I’ll wait here until you come back.

Amazingly cool, huh? Could you look through all of those different bag designs and fabric choices and not want five or ten of them?! I think that’s a wish list kind of web site. Right after I met Dolly (thank you for the introductions, Heather!), I made my own wish list for her: I really want some special cosmetic bags for my purse-sized gift sets. And just look what she made!!

Just in time for National Cupcake Day (this Saturday) and National Cupcake Week (next week), these Cupcake Gift Sets have everything a gal needs in her purse: travel-size hand cream, lip balm, and purse potion fragrance. All three come in our NEW cupcake fragrance and flavor, tucked into a pink cupcake Dolly bag. Each cosmetic bag has bow detail, zipper top, and is fully lined and sturdy enough to stand up to everything your purse dishes out. Or maybe yours will sit in your desk, cute as a button, to store all your at-work pampering goodies? Maybe you’ll even be able to part with this cutie bag and give it to a friend!

Though it will be hard for ME to part with them (they really are adorable!), I think I have one here with your name on it! Order yours today!

(And keep your eyes peeled…we have some holiday gift sets coming, too!)