I love cupcakes, and one of my favorite fragrances (and flavors) to “play” with is our Cupcake. This custom blend of warm vanilla and rich buttercream frosting has a subtle hint of coconut (and a smidgen of cotton candy for extra sweetness). And one of my favorite ways to share our yummy Cupcake fragrance is in this mini Cupcake Purse.

Made especially for us in the U.S. by Dungaree Dolly’s, these mini Cupcake Purses are approximately 7″ long, 3.5″ high and 1.5″ deep. Dolly makes each of these fully lined bags by hand, with a zipper top and bow detail. We love them because they’re sturdy enough to use as a tiny clutch, knock around in your handbag, or keep in your desk at work with all of the essentials—then throw into the washer and dryer and start all over again! It’s an awesome “green” gift because it’s reusable!

Each mini Cupcake Purse comes with those items you absolutely must carry with you: a travel-size hand cream, cupcake lip balm, and purse potion fragrance to dab on that sweetness all day. Refill sets are also available in popular and seasonal fragrances. They make adorable birthday gifts for girls young and old (is it possible to be too old for cupcakes?).

If you’re interested in a larger cupcake handbag, check out Dolly’s gorgeous designs! She has the coolest bags! What do you think? Have you tried Cupcake?