tissue paper cherry blossoms

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is underway in Washington, D.C. Sadly, we won’t be there to see the blossoms or participate in the festivities, but I found another way that I can enjoy cherry blossoms at home.

A few weeks ago I found this tutorial about paper crafts that includes a project for cherry blossoms. Since cherry blossoms are not easy to come by and they don’t last long, this looked like a great way to get a dramatic, long-lasting floral display for spring. (Might also be a pretty centerpiece for a bridal shower!)

I ended up doing mine a little bit differently from the article, so I’m going to share my steps so you can have a few options.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– several bare branches
– tissue paper in a few shades of pink or white
– glue gun
template of blossom shapes (optional; print this sheet on cardstock and cut out blossoms to trace)

Layer your tissue paper to cut through several pieces at a time. Draw (or trace) five-petaled blossoms on the top layer of tissue. Cut out blossoms in different colors and sizes so they will look more realistic.

Once you have an assortment of different sized and colored blossoms, layer two different colors together with a dot of glue between them in the center to hold them together. Then place another dot of glue on the bottom center and attach to the branch. Pinch petals upward to resemble a real blossom, then repeat with additional blossoms.

Arrange blossoms along branches at intervals and in clusters to appear more realistic. I also took some darker tissue and rolled it into “buds” to create some unopened blossoms. You could add some green tissue as a third layer beneath the blossoms to create leaves, as well.

This can be modified to work with the theme of an event, too. I used very pale pink and white, but you could use hot pink or coral or salmon pink to match your theme. Then use a large vase, galvanized pail, or other decorative container to hold your branches.

It’s only a few short weeks here before our spring flowers come out in Maine, but in the meantime, we’ve really enjoyed putting together these blossoms. Please let me know if you like this project!