It’s so much fun helping you create custom favors for your big day. You know what else I love? Getting to see how your amazing celebration comes together! Today I’m delighted to share this 1950’s vintage brunch that Kim Z. planned for her daughter. You’re going to love seeing all of the creative details of this party, and the bonus? Some great tips for planning from Kim’s years of experience!

What is your event’s theme?

The event is my daughter’s bridal shower. Hallie and her fiancé are both very into mid-century, 1950’s especially. She had wanted to have vintage china for the wedding but due to her colors it was not going to match or even blend. So we planned this surprise bridal shower as a 1950’s vintage brunch with vintage china and champagne flutes all mismatched.

Hallie and her fiance greet guests at the bridal shower
Hallie and her fiance greet guests at their showerOur venue was an old brownstone in Chicago that held an eclectic Brazilian restaurant named Sinhá that served only 25. But it was a June shower and there was a garden outside that could hold another 25. The owner even made 1950’s food!

1950's vintage brunch centerpiece teacup

1950's vintage brunch table setting

The centerpieces for the table were vintage mismatched teacups with fresh flowers on top of books. I wanted it for the beauty of the china and flowers. Some were meadow flowers from the open fields around my neighborhood. I always like free supplies! Napkins were rented and in three colors, rose pink, hyacinth, and sage green all which seemed to blend with all the china plates, and had the look I was trying to achieve.

50s vintage brunch table setting1950's vintage brunch pearls for the ladies

1950's vintage brunch ladies with aprons and pearls

We ended up having 42 guests which was perfect. The groom also attended with his groomsmen and the father of the bride and groom. I had vintage aprons, pearls and gloves for all the ladies to wear for the day. Even some of the men wore aprons and white lace gloves! We had a mimosa bar, and hibiscus tea.

1950's vintage brunch lip balm favors

What about the favors?

For take home gifts Emily made for us pink champagne, blushing bride and mimosa flavored lip balm. But she also matched the lip balm labels to the shower invitation! How special was that!

1950's vintage brunch embossed dress favors

I also made pink and mint green embossed dresses on my Cricut and Cuttlebug to put them in. My daughter has always been a dress girl! It is always about the dress!

1950's vintage soap bottles favors

Another take home was the vintage dish soap bottle dresses with JOY dish soap that were so popular in the 1950’s. I also attached a pearl necklace and a ribbon rose on each one of them. The were in pink and mint green polka dot fabric with grosgrain ribbon trim.

cupcakes in special boxes

Last was a decadent cupcake made by the groom’s mom in flavors of orange, red velvet and chocolate all enclosed in an adorable mint green cupcake box with a Thank-You tag attached.

gifts for the groomsmen

personalized gift bags for the goodies

I also made shopping bags with shower invite print on bags for everyone to take home their gifts.

The invitations were custom made from an artist on Etsy. She also had a party pack that matched the invitations you could purchase that included Thank-you tags, Thank-You cards. bingo cards water bottle wrappers, blank tent card, door poster, banner and lots more! All the little extras!

The day was perfect weather. High 70’s, sunny, very little wind and no humidity. And for Chicago that is tough to have a day like this!

Where did you go for inspiration?

Pinterest was huge! How can you not find inspiration! Everything at your fingertips! From invitations, props, food recipes, they do have it all at a click of your keyboard. Also shopping at many resale shops to find authentic 1950’s cookware, aprons, pearl necklaces.

vintage tea cup floral arrangement for the shower

What was the biggest challenge while planning/organizing your event?

Trying to find all Vintage dishes, accessory pieces from the 1950’s. I went to many many resale shoppes all over the Chicagoland area! Thank goodness there are a lot of them! I would plan my shopping days around their sale days! Most of them even have a senior citizen discount on certain days!

Any advice to offer to other party planners?

Do not be afraid to ask questions on Etsy. You will be amazed what these artists can do if it’s just not exactly how you would like it.

Get a good printer—you will be amazed what they can do with their digital printers. The colors are fabulous and not very expensive. I even have them do my photographs!

Also, make sure to give yourself extra extra time. Who wants to get so stressed out about the timeline?

Hallie and her mom at the shower

What was the most fun part of the event?

Seeing it all put together at the venue and having my vision all come together, and the joy it brought to my daughter and her fiancé. Also having all the guests enjoy looking at all the 1950’s tidbits.

Hallie and her fiance at the shower

How did you hear about The Favor Stylist?

A friend.

Did you enjoy working with us? Would you work with us again?

Yes! I would be delighted to work with you again! Everything you do fits into my vision of the look I am trying to achieve. I always try to be one step ahead of what is current. I have been designing for 40 years and there have been many changes and trends.

gifts at the vintage 50s shower

It was such a pleasure working with you on the lip balm favors for your 1950’s vintage brunch, Kim. I absolutely love how this all came together! I hope we do get a chance to work together again someday. Best wishes to your daughter and her new husband!

How about you? Have you recently shared our lip balms or favors at your event? We love celebrating you, so please tell us so we can share here! If you’d like to share more details about your event, you can also use this questionnaire. Thanks so much!

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