We're celebrating what matters through Kiva with microloans to women all over the world. A year ago I shared that we were committed to donating 10% of our profits to Kiva. At that time, we had made 70 microloans and I planned to share monthly updates as we made new loans so you could celebrate with us.

While I shared updates throughout the fall, when we approached (and surpassed) 100 loans this spring, I started looking for a better way to share updates. (I was making 8 to 10 loans at a time and it got harder to share all of them with you!)

So earlier this week, I set up a Kiva team. It’s called the Celebrating What Matters team, and at the moment I’m the only team member. While I’d made 117 loans before starting the team, you can see details of my last 8 loans and the beginning of our team’s impact.

Our team loans to Kiva because the only thing better than celebrating life’s big events is helping to create more reasons to celebrate. Our Kiva loans support women’s education and entrepreneurship. On a personal level, I love loaning because I’m fortunate that I’ve had access to excellent education and business opportunities and I want women all over the world to have the same opportunities I’ve had.

Did you notice I said “our” team? I’d love to have you join me so we can all celebrate these graduations and business successes together! Your loans will still appear in your own portfolio, but will also further our team’s impact.

I’m really excited to have this team set up so I can share up to the minute updates of our progress and impact! You can also see which loans still need funding and join in if it moves you! Please let me know if you have any questions at all about Kiva, our team, and how to join us!