Last Wednesday I sent a newsletter that included a special giveaway for subscribers. In order to receive one of several gifts, I invited subscribers to send me an email letting me know they were interested. I also suggested several other things they could include. “Tell me how your summer is going,” I prompted, or “send a picture of your cute dog, whatever you’d like.” I had no idea if anyone would be interested or would share anything about themselves (or their lives or their pets).

I was overwhelmed by the responses. People sent their vacation photos (I’m so jealous!), and listed the awesome things they’ve been doing with their families this summer. Others sent photos of the favors and gifts they’ve created using our products, which I’m excited to share in future posts. But many more sent me pictures of their dogs. I shouldn’t have been surprised: we all are completely in love with our fur kids and love to show them off!

I got permission to share a few of the responses because I trust that you are also as excited by puppies as I am. Here’s Kim Z.’s friend Fizz. Kim says, “He is the BEST dog in the world! Fizz is my BEST BUDDY!” I can see why…he’s adorable!


And Lindsay T. shared this photo of Penny Lane. Lindsay notes that the name comes from the “penny” on her pup’s head. So cute!


Tammy G. shared her family’s big news: “We are getting ready to rescue a pointer from a shelter in Kentucky.” I told her to be sure to send pics when their new addition arrives!

Today happens to be International Homeless Animals’ Day, so it’s a perfect day to be talking about pets and adoptions. Local humane societies are having adopt-a-thons and other events to raise awareness about dog and cat overpopulation. My family will not be adopting at this event, though, because we already adopted in June! Here are our new kitties, Gandalf The Grey (Alfie) and Smudge.


I shared the loss of our fur friend and office manager Leonardo back in January, so it’s silly that I haven’t shared our new additions before now. You all reminded me that when we’re “celebrating what matters” we should absolutely include our fur kids!

Thank you so much for sharing your buddies and their stories, and letting me share them here. Don’t stop sharing on Facebook…we have such a fun Pet Testimonials album there! “We don’t test on animals, but animals sometimes test on themselves.”

I can’t believe we went for almost 6 months without any pets. Do you have a new addition to your family? Or a furever friend you can’t live without? Tell us about them! Today we’re celebrating our best (furry) friends!