Last week we celebrated Shark Week on Facebook by sharing cool shark-themed products every day. In case you missed it, here’s the week’s Catch of the Day products:

Monday was Shark Soap by The Pig and the Peacock.

Tuesday was Shark Bite candle by Blue Moon Candles.

Wednesday was Monster Shark for soda can from Handamade.

Thursday was Shark Hoodie from Mouthman.
Friday was Hungry Shark Porthole Wall Decal from Wilson Graphics.
And today’s Catch of the Day was Handpainted Moleskine “le hammerhead shark” Notebook from le animale.
I have to admit that I ordered the Shark Bite candle from Blue Moon Candles and I LOVE it! The fragrance is described as “a day at the Seashore…captured in a Candle.” If you can’t be at the beach, this is the next best thing, right down the the sparkly blue surface.
What about you? Did you celebrate Shark Week? What’s your favorite shark-themed gift idea?