Nearly every birthday party I’ve ever attended has included balloons. It didn’t matter how old the person was, their gender, the party’s colors or theme, every party needed balloons. We’re so used to them, we’ve come to expect them. But have you noticed how rarely we even take note of them? They don’t excite us or inspire us, leave us in awe or make us smile. In fact, balloons have become kind of…boring.

Today’s tip shares some balloon inspiration and reminds us that balloons can be fun and creative. Get ready to say bye-bye to boring balloons with these 5 bold, brilliant balloon ideas.

balloon inspiration - bye bye boring balloons

Happy Hearts

It will be so easy to smile and “say cheese” when you’re surrounded by this balloon heart arrangement. With balloons in an assortment of colors (these were selected for Valentine’s Day, but you could easily choose your event’s colors) and sizes, this heart makes a fabulous frame for that photo op. Tuck in silk flowers to match the colors and themes of the day and get ready to capture those smiles.

balloon inspiration heart frame

Happy Hearts | The House That Lars Built

Chic Chandeliers

Are they balloons, or are they tiny fireworks at the ceiling? Recreate this look using pencil balloons (the kind used by clowns to make balloon animals!) in your favorite colors, fastened together in the center. They also look a bit like chrysanthemums, don’t they?


Chic Chandeliers | Had to be Daisy!!

Fabulous Fruits

This DIY tutorial will show you how to turn ordinary round, mylar balloons into sliced fruit with simple materials like colored tissue paper and glue. I can’t decide if I like the watermelon or the orange slices better. You could do all one fruit (how about yellow citrus slices for a “lemons to lemonade” breakup party?) or a few (apples and oranges bridal shower, anyone?). The whole fruit bowl would be fun at a tropical party.


Fabulous Fruits | Balloon Time

Brilliant Bubbles

Such a simple look for a backdrop behind the refreshments table. Use clear, pastel balloons in standard and water balloon sizes to create bubbles on the wall. Great way to invite your guests over to mix up their champagne cocktail at a bridal shower or bachelorette!


Brilliant Bubbles | Babble

Very Vintage

If you can see beyond the vintage suitcases, distressed side tables, and scrumptious treats in this next example, you may notice the balloons masquerading as…balloons. Hot air balloons, to be exact. Aren’t they a sweet addition to this “Fly Away with Me” theme party? With a little embellishment, even simple balloons can take on a vintage look.

hot air balloon inspiration fly away with me

Very Vintage | My Sparkling Event

We have even more balloon inspiration at Pinterest. Have you used balloons in a creative way in your party? We’d love to hear about it! Please share your brilliant balloon ideas!