ladybug bridal shower favorsWhile most creepy-crawlies don’t inspire us, there’s something special about Butterflies, Ladybugs, and Dragonflies!

These three insects have long been appreciated by many cultures. As symbols of joy and enlightenment, rebirth and happiness, they lend special meaning as well as a bit of grace, whimsy and good luck to parties and events. Our newest designs are inspired by the colors and shapes of these beautiful bugs that have crawled and fluttered into everyone’s hearts.

Lucky Ladybug
Ladybug, ladybug, I need a favor! The ladybug is one of the few insects that seems to be universally loved. In most cultures it’s considered good luck, and there’s so much lore associated with the comings and goings of this pretty beetle. As gardeners, we appreciate it because it loves to feed on aphids and other garden pests. Children love ladybugs because they’re harmless to people and—let’s face it—pretty darn cute!

ladybug baby shower favorsTheir black spots and brightly-colored shells are striking and lend themselves to designs for baby showers (think pink) as well as children’s parties (red, pink, even yellow).

Even bridal showers and bachelorette parties could borrow the black and red polka dots for a bold theme (how about a Lucky Lady party?). We have lots of ladybug-inspired designs to match the theme of your party or shower!

The Joyful Butterfly

In Spain, it’s the mariposa; in France, the papillon. In any language, the butterfly is a beloved bug, appreciated for its grace, beauty and benefit in the garden. As pollinators they help the flowers grow, and their life cycles represent transformation and growth. Little wonder, then, that they’ve become such a popular theme for the bride and groom’s transition to “Happily Ever After.”

If you are considering a butterfly release at your wedding or event, make sure to do your research first. According to this advice from the North American Butterfly Association, butterfly releases may interfere with the natural migration of the insects. As an alternative, try selecting a wedding location that already features lots of butterflies. Find a venue here or have your wedding in a garden which includes flowers like asters, marigolds, lavender, phlox, daisies or hibiscus. These flowers attract several species of butterflies and will increase the chances of these winged beauties joining your wedding party!butterfly party favors

Outdoor locations are also perfect for children’s parties when butterflies are on the guest list. Children find butterflies magical even before they learn about the amazing metamorphosis they undergo. Choose from our whimsical designs to share our butterfly favors with your guests, and see our ideas for butterfly cupcakes and other treats to match the theme.

Dragonfly: Strength and Enlightenment
While in some cultures the dragonfly has a dark past, others have appreciated it as a symbol of strength and happiness. It is surely this perception of the dragonfly—as well as it’s remarkable size and beauty—that has inspired artists throughout history, from the Pueblo and Hopi to the Japanese and through the Art Nouveau movement in Europe and North America.

Still appreciated for its benefit as a predator of pest insects such as flies and mosquitoes, the dragonfly enjoys increasing popularity as a subject of design and decór, from jewelry to pottery and other items. It has also gained favor as a theme choice for weddings and other celebrations.

See our butterfly wedding favors ideas and beautiful bug inspiration below and note the design ID. Simply enter the ID number in the personalized text field at checkout to select your choices, or contact us to share the details of your event!

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