My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday on Friday and today we went to Build-a-Bear. She brought her best friend and they both had a blast making new friends. The girl who helped put together our critters let each girl pick two hearts, so each toy has a heart from both girls (very sweet–I admit I got a little verklempt!) Then we rode up and down the escalator, bought Swiss chocolates, and wandered aimlessly into every toy and gift shop looking for Webkinz.

At one point the girls crawled into a pup tent in a toy store. I asked my daughter if she wasn’t maybe a little too big for it, but she got right down (in a dress, mind you) and checked it out. I stood there outside listening to them giggle and realizing that maybe by her next birthday, or perhaps the next, she’ll be too cool or sophisticated to crawl around on the floor of a toy store. And I’ll be ready for that change, but for now I’m happy that she still thinks she’s “little” enough to do it.