A few weeks ago I was contacted by Andee at Adventures With The Sage (the Majestic Mountain Sage blog), asking if I would answer some questions for a blog feature. I was so excited to participate!

I’m fortunate to work in a field just full of exceptionally helpful manufacturers and suppliers; among these, Majestic Mountain Sage stands out. When I was just “dabbling” with sugar scrubs and bath salts (before I even dreamed of starting a business), I ordered some supplies from Majestic Mountain Sage. I still enjoy ordering from them (even though I’m in Maine and they’re waaaaay out there in Utah) because they have a great selection, they offer smaller quantities (hobbyists take note!), and their quality is excellent. And every time I’ve had a question—and the rare occasions when I’ve had a problem with an order—they have always been quick to respond with helpful information. Plus, they’re just really nice. Truly, genuinely nice.

Please take a minute to check out Adventures With The Sage. If you’re not interested in the feature about GCDSpa, then you might enjoy posts about soap making or scrubs or even party ideas. And if you’re ever interested in making your own bath and body products, check out the supplies at Majestic Mountain Sage!