I actually saw the sun for a few hours yesterday (after weeks of rain here in Maine) so of course I’m imagining some of the skin challenges I may face if the sun actually returns for the Fourth! Sunburns, tan lines, dry and peeling skin…this is a bit of a dream considering that the afternoon of sunshine was followed last night by thunderstorms and heavy rain. But if you’re lucky enough to be somewhere with heat and sunshine, check out this slideshow for skin care tips to prepare, protect, and soothe your skin.

(I would personally add lavender to the sunburn treatment they mention. My daughter’s friend was nursing a sunburn a few weeks ago when she was visiting, and I applied a few drops of lavender essential oil to the red spots. She felt so much better, she is now requesting a lavender lotion that she can bring with her on vacation!) I have had great luck treating burns with this essential oil. While most people are not allergic, please use with care and dilute with a carrier oil (like olive or grape seed oil), or discontinue use, if irritation occurs.

And exfoliation for tan lines was something I never thought of. Sugar scrubs are great for pedicures, of course, but evening out a tan was a great new idea. Check out our mini pedicures if you’re in need of a little exfoliation.

Hope you are having fun in the sun this Fourth of July! Have a great day!