This morning I’ll begin with an apology. If you have joined me regularly here, you know that I usually post a few times a week, but in all of April I have posted just once. At the end of March I had some dental work done and I just haven’t bounced back. I can be upbeat and positive in tiny tweets and Facebook updates, but I realized I just can’t pretend here long enough to write something fun. I’m surprised by how much energy it takes to get through my work and home responsibilities, and I’ll admit that dealing with pain through much of it has been exhausting. I know that’s not inspiring, so I’ve stayed away rather than sharing gory details of not feeling well.

I know that this is short-lived and I truly feel for people who have chronic pain. Please know that I miss being here and that I will have happy and inspiring things to share here as soon as I am able! I really appreciate you and your interest in my ideas and ramblings and you deserve more than an occasional scribbling.

This weekend I made sure to do some things to get feeling better. After playing “catch up” on Saturday, I took the day off yesterday. It was very warm so we went to the beach (Reid State Park in Georgetown, Maine). I can’t think of a more peaceful and restful way to spend an afternoon. I think peaceful and restful was just what I needed.

The parking lot was pretty full, but once we got to the sand it was quiet, with only the sound of the waves to accompany our walk down the beach. 

My daughter is away on a school trip for April vacation this week, so my son was excited to get to do something special, too. 
He loves to climb on the rocks at Reid; while my husband tried to get his kite in the air, we trudged all the way to the end of the beach to do some rock climbing. 
Here’s Tristan perched on top of the rocks. (The sun was a little bright in his eyes!)
The water was so pretty but super cold! Do you think that stopped him from putting his feet in?
“Look, Mom, I’m still dry!”
I felt better today than I have in weeks, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I’m really looking forward to starting my Monday well-rested!
Hope you had a good weekend, too!