I recently created some personalized favors for a baby sprinkle. When I first read about this type of party a few years ago, I had one of those, “Why didn’t *I* think of that?” moments. It’s such a clever idea, really. If you’ve never attended (or heard of) this type of shower, here are 8 things you need to know about baby sprinkles.
baby sprinkle favors

1. What is a baby sprinkle?

Whether you’re a meteorologist or a party planner, a sprinkle is just a little shower.

2. When do you have a sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle celebrates the new arrival when the mom-to-be is expecting her second (third, fourth…) child. You can plan to have the party before the baby arrives (around six weeks before the due date) or a month or more after.

baby sprinkle invitations

3. Who hosts (and is invited to) a sprinkle?

Usually a friend or family member hosts, and close friends and family attend a sprinkle. Think small and intimate.

4. Why throw a baby sprinkle instead of a shower?

By the time they’re expecting their second (or third) baby, families already have most of the baby gear they need. A sprinkle is a way to celebrate the new baby without a big emphasis on gifts.

baby sprinkle favors donut theme

5. What type of gifts are appropriate at a baby sprinkle?

Though optional, diapers, baby wipes, bath and body products, and other “consumable” items are perfect gifts for a sprinkle. If the new baby is the opposite gender, you might also choose a gender-specific outfit or other item that you know they wouldn’t have saved from the first baby.

6. Should the parents-to-be register?

Again, this is totally optional. If you do, make sure to select items in a range of prices. Many guests will want to share a little something with the baby; but remember,  the emphasis is on celebrating the new arrival!

7. Where can I find baby sprinkle invitations?

Zazzle has lots, including our own “Sprinkled with Love” cupcakes. Choose your favorite design and have them personalized for your day. You can often find coordinating stickers and other matching stationery and gifts, too.

8. What about baby sprinkle favors?

Favors are optional and often not included in a baby sprinkle, but if you choose to share sprinkle favors with your guests, we’d love to work with you! Here are some of our baby sprinkle favor designs for lip balms, lotions, and more. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Have you ever been to a baby sprinkle? Please share your experiences and ideas in the comments!