A recent trend in events is to choose a Signature Cocktail to accent the theme. This is great for weddings or bridal showers, but what about baby shower drinks? Most planners drop alcoholic beverages from the baby shower menu out of sympathy for the mom-to-be, but consider featuring a Signature Mocktail that everyone can enjoy. See our recipes below for Babylove, Lullaby, and Apple of My Eye mocktails, and take a look at our matching lip balm favors in these inspired baby theme flavors!


1 1/2 oz coconut milk
3/4 oz cream
2 oz pineapple juice
3/4 oz banana syrup
1 banana

Shake over crushed ice, then strain into a collins glass. Fill with crushed ice, slice banana onto the top and serve.

Apple of My Eye

2 oz apple juice
1/3 oz black currant syrup
1 oz whipping cream

Blend with crushed ice and serve in an old-fashioned glass, sprinkled with nutmeg or cinnamon. Don’t forget the straws!


12 oz orange juice
4 oz sweet and sour mix
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
crushed ice

Blend all ingredients until slushy. Pour into margarita glasses and serve with orange slices.

Lullaby, Babylove, and Apple of My Eye are some of our most popular baby shower flavors. Order them with standard labels (shown here), with personalized labels, personalized tags, or with tags and labels.  


What do you serve for baby shower drinks? Please share in the comments!

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