“Baby” Foods for a Baby Shower

Sometimes even before you choose a baby shower theme, you’ll have ideas for the menu! Finger foods are great for any shower, including baby showers. Food ideas can include sandwiches, salads, and decorated cookies. For a twist—and easy munching—why not choose “baby” foods? (And I don’t mean pureed carrots and applesauce!)

Imagine baby carrots, grape tomatoes, baby lettuces, and snow peas gracing a veggie platter, along with tiny tea sandwiches and bite-sized cookies.


Baby Pizzas & Calzones

Think sandwiches are too blah? How about gourmet pizzas? To save time, buy pre-made pizza dough in the deli section of your local grocery, roll and cut into tiny circles to make mini pizza crusts. For less mess, place toppings in the center and fold and tuck edges of dough, then bake mini calzones.

If you’d like to make your own pizza dough, here’s my favorite quick pizza dough recipe.


Sweet Baby Shower Foods

Whether you’re a fan of those marshmallow jell-o ambrosia salads or not, we can all agree that a shower menu has to include sweet baby shower foods. Ideas for desserts can be inspired by your theme: tiny cookies can be made in lots of shapes and decorated in coordinating colors.

For a Noah’s ark baby shower theme, raid the kids’ play dough box. Any self-respecting child has a box full of tiny animal-shaped dough cutters that can be washed well and used to make pairs of colorful animal cookies. (Look for duck and bunny cutters, too, for Rubber Duck or Peter Rabbit baby showers.)

If you want to make your own cookie dough, here’s my favorite cutout cookie recipe along with a tutorial for making Ladybug Cookies. Purchasing prepared cookie dough will help to save time; mini cookie cutters in fun baby shower shapes like baby bottles and onesies are available from Foose Cookie Cutters. Browse their other mini cutters for more ideas that could match your own baby shower theme.

To order custom cookies made by the experts, here’s a list of cookiers who ship in the U.S. Check them out or follow them on Facebook to find the perfect baby shower cookies for your shower!

More Baby Shower Recipes

• Fruit kebabs with a mojito yogurt dip are delish.
Spanikopita is another great alternative to sandwiches.
Guacamole and baba ghanoush are yummy party dips. Serve with corn chips or baked pitas

What are your favorite Baby Shower foods?