Today I worked with Daniela on favors for a baby shower later this week (yes, it was a rush job!). We started with an existing design, then added the booties…and then she asked about clear jars. Well, I usually don’t stock clear jars, but I happened to have some from a previous job. Here are the balms before I finished decorating them.

I’m thinking I need to stock clear jars.

(Incidentally, this is one of the reasons that I LOVE working with people on their projects–we end up with something completely new and different every time! SO cool!)

What do you think? Should we phase out the white jars and stock the clear lip balm jars so you can see the color of the balms? Please use the comments section below to vote! Here’s your chance to tell us what to do!! :0)

Oh, and here’s another picture of the finished favors: